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Maine Media Workshops July 8-14

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Maine Media Workshops

The Contemporary Landscape

Exploring the unfamiliar and unexpected in the landscapeThe landscape is an enduring subject for artists of all media who want to express the spiritual connection between human beings and their environment.

For nearly two centuries photography has provided the world with compelling landscape imagery. This workshop focuses on aspects of contemporary landscape photography including the classial, the romantic, the man-made, the cultural, and the unfamiliar. It is a class for fine art photographers, professional photographers and experienced amateurs working in color, who want to develop a personal approach to landscape photography.

Lectures, class discussions and critiques encourage and challenge students to move beyond the predictable image and clich├ęd notions of beauty. During field trips, students explore Midcoast Maine and the surrounding inland towns. Keith also covers career and professional issues such as portfolios, promotion and presentation.\


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